I’ve updated the Tea Leoni Web Gallery with stills from the season premiere of Madam Secretary. Tea Leoni Web Gallery > Madam Secretary > 201 Episode Stills

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Madam Secretary is the first big TV thing you’ve done in a while. I was trying to think—the last time was the final episode of The Naked Truth, which was 1997. It’s interesting, the parallels I felt between the character in D.C. and me in Hollywood. How so? I think [Elizabeth] pulled out of the government for ethical reasons! [Laughs.] Now she’s going back in with an idea that she’s

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In the season premiere, the President’s plane is declared missing and Elizabeth is thrust into a situation of power she never imagined possible. Also, Henry butts heads with his new Defense Intelligence Agency handler, Jane Fellows, when he’s asked to recruit one of his Russian students for the NSA. Academy Award winner and Madam Secretary Executive Producer Morgan Freeman guest stars and directs the season premiere episode. Jill Hennessy joins

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